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Wind Turbine Fire Protection

Global Leaders in Automatic Fire Detection and Control



  • Canada’s original and only dedicated provider of wind turbine fire detection and control measures.
  • We are the Global leaders of fire protection and life safety within the renewable wind energy industry.
  • Providing only the best in-class products and services available.
  • Offering 24hr emergency response as Exclusive Canadian regional distributors for Sevo Systems Inc.

Bulldog Turbine Systems are working hand in hand with numerous wind turbine manufacturer`s ,end user`s and international renewable energy insurance corporations. We are able to offer our clients significantly reduced premiums once they have installed clean agent automatic fire detection and control in their facilities. The expense of protecting your assets is typically covered in reduced premiums


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Automatic Fire Detection and Control

  • Offering state of the art fire protection for valuable server rooms, data storage facilities, sub-stations, and switch rooms with Novec 1230 from Sevo Systems.
  • We understand the potential costs and extensive down time for the complete energy facility should a fire occur in these areas.
  • We are the Masters of Design and Non-Invasive installation techniques.
  • We are the only company internationally insured specifically to install, service, and maintain fire suppression systems in wind turbines.


Revolutionary fire protection for your assets





Bulldog Turbine Systems are also very fortunate to be able to offer leading edge fire protection technology for ALL available Wind Turbines. Localized fire protection of all Siemens wind power, Enercon, Vestas, GE Energy, Senvion, Gamesa, Acciona Energy, Suzlon Group, Goldwind, Sinovel, Ming Yang and China Guodian Corporation. Our fire detection and control systems are specifically designed for your specific wind turbine. We protect your assets up and down tower.

Hazard areas are identified through our extensive experience and protected with micro fire detection and control systems. This eliminates the need for a total flood application. The Novec 1230  clean agent fire protection fluid seeks the heart of the hazard area with its cooling properties. This eliminates the chance of fire re-flash as hazard areas are cooled.

Novec 1230  Clean Agent Fire Protection Fluid alongside Sevo Systems Fire Detection and Control Systems equals state of the art fire protection.

Safe for our planet, Safe for the technicians working should a fire or an accidental activation occur and Safe for the valuable assets that are protected.


Clean, Green and safe for the environment. This is the image we all want to see when it comes to renewable energy.


Wind Turbine Fires – `the down side` – Bulldog Turbine Systems are working around the clock to remove `the down side`

Such a simple and cost effective way to eliminate such a serious hazard.


Fires in wind turbines normally begin during regular maintenance, with a lightning strike or technical fault.  When a wind turbine catches fire, it almost always results in the total destruction of the asset.  Fire brigades and crews can do very little to fight the blaze due to the sheer height of the turbine and its remote location other than to watch it burn.  This is the general fire plan. Stand back, form a perimeter and watch it burn.Once the wind turbine fire has extinguished itself, it will. lead to 9 to 12 months of down time.  Fires account for 9% of wind energy insurance losses, which can be prevented.  $750,000 to $8 million is the range of property damage loss from equipment and down time for one single turbine.  Bulldog Turbine Systems can mitigate these losses by providing the assurance that these fires are extinguished promptly to avoid further damage and loss of financial assets.

 For the Next Generation – From the Next Generation


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