Fire Suppression for Server Rooms & Electrical Enclosures

Protecting Energy Control Facilities with Novec 1230

Fire Suppression for Server Rooms & Electrical Enclosures are a very important link to the grid. A fire problem here will stop the generating plant immediately. Bulldog Turbine Systems are extremely proud to offer the cleanest,  greenest, and most environmentally conscious fire suppression product on the market!  When it comes to computer technology and other related assets that control energy facilities, Sevo Systems Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems are the only way to go!  Globally, NO other product on the planet can compete with Novec 1230.  This is likely why their guarantees and warranties are unparalleled.



Bulldog Turbine Systems handles the design, installation, service, and maintenance of all of your Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems in your internal below ground, single and double story switch rooms, server rooms, transformer and substation applications.  With the Novec 1230 product from 3M, the likelihood of a fire reaching a catastrophic level is minimized.  Bulldog Turbine Systems can help to avoid situations like this in all of your control facilities: